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Who are we at Gebhard & Giguere, Ltd.? 

Tax preparation is a necessary compliance work we all have to do each year. But working with an accounting firm you also have a trusted advisor to work with for all the other financial areas of your life plan. We are more than tax accountants; we are trusted advisors to our clients.  This is what sets us apart from other firms.

There are tax-related consequences for every financial decision we make in life.  The worst thing that an individual or small business can do with tax and financial planning is not having a plan at all.  If you’re going to achieve anything in life you need a plan; a roadmap.  That roadmap will change over time due to your age, life events, milestones, changing strategies, etc. As trusted advisors, we are here to walk you through the different planning strategies as your roadmap evolves.

Tax planning is a yearlong process that includes decisions related to various areas of your finances. This could include choosing the timing of specific expenditures, selecting investments and retirement plans with taxes in mind, and being aware of deductions and filing status.  Both individuals and business owners can take advantage of tax planning services.

Four basic types of tax planning include: Federal income tax planning, retirement tax planning, Estate tax planning, and Small business tax planning

Four planning stages for businesses are: Inception stage, Growth stage, Maturity Stage, and Exit strategy

Helping clients create, navigate these stages achieving their financial goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.  By partnering up with us you get our over 20 years of experience that will help you both understand your taxes and finances and also you will take charge (take a proactive approach to) of your planning.   Tax and Financial Planning is not about evading taxes, but more about paying taxes in a way that is most beneficial to an individual or business.


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